Want Answers?

If you, like me, often wonder why it seems that kids grow up so much faster these days than when I was a kid… then just blame pop music.  Case in point – check the hip slapping action on this gorgeous tot:


You Tube in High Definition

[edit : no idea what happened to this post between last night when I first published it and this morning… youtube gremlins?]

Ever been watching a clip or video on youtube and thought to yourself, geez I wish it was better quality? Well this guy has developed the simplest hack in the world to get your youtube in HD, or as close as youtube can muster HD.

You simply add &fmt=18 to the end of the url string of the youtube url you are watching and hit enter.

So for example:

would become


From what I can tell, it makes the picture quality better and the sound quality better as well, so great for music videos… or for watching the hottest guy on the planet over and over and over again.


Jetlagged Wishes

I’ve been in Sydney for two days so I didn’t get to wish you all a Happy St Patrick’s Day… or to (publicly) wish Ms M’Liz a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday. So with that in mind, I give you A Tribute:

Coke’s Summer of Plagerism


If Coca Cola’sSummer Huggin” ambient slash experiential campaign (captured here at the St Kilda Festival today) doesn’t look vaguely familiar to you, then perhaps you missed the Free Hugs phenomenon via youtube last year (over 24 million views!).

For Coke to take this heart-warming, spontaneous, altruistic concept and leverage it for their own commercial gain makes me sick.  Is this supposed to make me believe that Coke cares about me?  That Coke is my ‘friend’?  That if I feel like I need a hug I should go buy a Coke?

This is misguided experiential marketing… without heart, without ingenuity, without purpose. 

Tom Cruise & Jerry O’Connell

If you haven’t already seen the leaked Scientology video of Tom Cruise acting like a complete lunatic, then you’ve been living under a very large rock. There are oodles of spoofs and cutdowns of this now all over youtube, but my favourite so far has to be Jerry O’Connell himself spoofing Tom Cruise… but for a good cause, to help the WGA in their strike.

Go on, tell me your favourite quote from this little masterpiece!