Top 5 Favourite Music Videos

In reverse order so I can build to complete awesomeness… Enjoy!

#5 : This clip gives me shivers down my spine every time I watch it. The first time I saw it I was on a plane and I cried, seriously. It’s so simple, but so effective in taking you onto the wave of this brilliantly crafted crescendo of music and emotions.

#4 : Although no ‘official’ music clip was released for this incredible song, the images displayed on screen during the live performance of P!nk’s Dear Mr President are chilling and incredibly moving. Another one that gives me goosebumps:

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Top 5 Funniest Things My Son Has Said

1. Broken
My son : Zap is a naughty dog, isn’t he?
Adam : Sometimes, yes Zap is naughty.
My son: I think we should take him back and get a new dog.
Adam : Why would we do that?
My son : Because our dog doesn’t work. We need a new dog that works.

2. I Spy
Adam : I spy with my little eye, something that is grey.
My son : (no hesitation) Adam’s Hair!

3. Garden Problem
While driving along in our car, Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars came on the radio. This happens to be one of my son’s favourite songs, so I turned it up a little. My son sang along to the words, in his own special way.
Then he said : “Mummy…. our garden doesn’t burst into life, does it?

4. (C)RASH
One day, my son and I were involved in a car accident – a (fantastically stupid) woman pulled out of her driveway into the side of our car crushing three panels along the side. I was very upset and shaken, my son asked me why I was crying, and I said we had a car crash and I was sad the car was hurt.
Later in a store, my son came out with this pearler to the staff: Guess what, our car has a rash.

5. Question Time
Travelling along in the car, my son was asking me incessant questions – What? Why? Who? How? When? Do? Did? Where? I had a headache, so I said “PLEASE, stop asking me questions!
There was a pause and then my son said “Well, I will stop asking you questions when you stop asking me questions“.
This infuriated me even more, so I quipped back “When did I ask you a question?
My very sharp son slung back “YOU JUST DID!
Outsmarted by a 4 year old – mummy has been put in her place.

Top 5 Things I Love About Winter

1. The feeling of a toasty bed, warmed to perfection by my electric blanket. I let out a little *squeee* every night as I slide between the sheets.

2. Scarves, overcoats, hats, mittens – it reminds me of rugging up in London, or in New York, so I feel like I am overseas even though I’ve only stepped out my front door.

3. The mist that my warm breath creates on an early morning walk with the dog. Nothing quite like seeing your own breath to remind you how cold it is.

4. The seat warmers in my car. Best. Invention. Ever.

5. The amazing Killarney plush supersoft microfibre blanket Adam got for his birthday from his mum. I wish I could make a jump-suit out of it and wear it from May through to August.