March 2008 : List Update

The third month of my 33-month-long list of goals and achievements – the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge – has come to an end. And I think March was one of my most success-driven months! I should probably have marked what date I completed these things, but I’m not that organised. So here is March in review:

It was my son’s birthday, and in the lead-up to it, I sat him down with the Australian Woman’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cakes cookbook (try saying that quickly three times!) and told him to choose which cake he most wanted for his birthday (#015). He chose a “Paddle Pool” cake… and here are the results.

We had two date nights this month (#023), the first was my turn to organise, so we went to Cookie and ate at the bar (also added to #054) before heading to the movies (a rare treat for us!) to see There Will Be Blood. And there was almost blood in the cinema as I threatened to slit my wrists within the first hour of this very long, boring, painful and pointless movie. Daniel Day Lewis was exceptionally brilliant as always though – he saved my life, quite literally.

The second date night was supposed to be arranged by my partner, but his work commitments got in the way, so we settled for a home cooked meal (by him) from the Movida cookbook that I bought him for Christmas. Meal was amazing, then we settled in to watch another film, this time No Country For Old Men. Outstanding film! This night unfortunately ended very very badly however, we argued and then didn’t speak for almost a week after it. But that is a whole other story!!

I started my social tennis group (#028) on Tuesday nights. It’s great exercise, but so not competitive that it’s a bit of a laugh as well. My next aim for this is to increase the numbers to 8 people so we can play two courts each week and up the ante on the social aspect!

I completed my list of 101 Things That Make Me Happy (#030), before April as planned.

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S is for Sobbing Sook

I know this was originally supposed to be A through to Z, but I’m struggling with D a bit and then has inspiration for S.  So, you’ll just have to deal with this random jump ahead!

A is for Adam
B is for Bitch

C is for Chocolate

S is for Sobbing Sook

When I was a little girl, my mum used to call me “Hard As Nails”. She called me this because it was immensely difficult to move me. Not physically of course (I was always a thin girl!), but emotionally. I never cried in Lassie. I watched ET six times and never cried. Christmas, my mum would blubber for no apparent reason, and I would watch on bemused with no idea where my mother might have left her mind.

But, then I had a child. I have absolutely no idea how pregnancy hormones rewire your brain synapses, but they do. They must. Because why would Miss Hard As Nails suddenly become Miss Cry At The Drop Of A Hat?

While I was pregnant, I expected a lot of unexplained emotions. So I could rationalise the spontaneous crying every time the Kleenex ad with the duckling came on the TV. And for a while there, after my son was born, I thought it was completely normal to cry at the Huggies advertising much like this “Hugs” ad.

But I fear, it is getting out of control. I sob every single time I watch Jerry McGuire. I go to water during the Workcover and TAC advertising on TV (see below).

TAC’s Pictures of You:

Workcover’s Homecoming:

And most recently, only 20 minutes in to the movie, The Bucket List – tears were streaming down my face.

By the end of that film, not that you would know it from the trailer, I was sobbing so much that I was suppressing the little sharp intakes of breath that are a dead giveaway in a quiet cinema that you have lost complete control of your emotions.

Am I the only one that suffers from this affliction? Am I the only sad-sack, sooky-lala, silly-sobbing sociopath?