Coke’s Summer of Plagerism


If Coca Cola’sSummer Huggin” ambient slash experiential campaign (captured here at the St Kilda Festival today) doesn’t look vaguely familiar to you, then perhaps you missed the Free Hugs phenomenon via youtube last year (over 24 million views!).

For Coke to take this heart-warming, spontaneous, altruistic concept and leverage it for their own commercial gain makes me sick.  Is this supposed to make me believe that Coke cares about me?  That Coke is my ‘friend’?  That if I feel like I need a hug I should go buy a Coke?

This is misguided experiential marketing… without heart, without ingenuity, without purpose. 


Kurt Cobain’s Cigarette Butt

Grey Melbourne wants you to know that cigarette butts are made from harmful plastic acetates and are full of toxic chemicals that last forever… so they’ve set up a fake ebay auction for Kurt Cobain’s cigarette butt.  This is the oldest viral marketing trick in the book these days, but it doesn’t appear to have paid off… only 505 visits.

The Mexican Hat Dance

You may have already seen these ads on your television set if you live in Australia.  Or you may know the ‘hand-musician’ from his You Tube fame.  Either way, these ads are priceless, they are bold, they are daring and Volleys manage to be cooler just by making fun of themselves.

Australia needs more marketers like this, who don’t have their head firmly implanted in their rectum and are prepared to have a little fun with their brand.  Consumers are savvy, moreso than any marketers give them credit for.  And with the amount of advertising levelled at us in any one day – what are you going to remember?  The ‘hand-farter’ or the ad that tells you that enjoying life is all about taking five minutes to yourself to eat some chocolate in the bath tub?  Whatsmore, what are you more likely to tell your friends about?