#092 – NaNoWriMo

So it’s 21 days til NaNoWriMo kicks off and I am PUMPED.  I am aiming to write every day for at least 2 hours, which means social life will take a back seat and I’ll need to be disciplined.  Helps that my detox will be done by then, so I will transfer the discipline from that to this…. oh and I will gorge myself on chocolate in the process.

But in thinking about what I will write about… I have decided to combine this with #008 – Forgive My Father.  Which will make NaNoWriMo a little heavy, but also purposeful. 

I am going to try to do some planning before I dive headlong into it, but the basic premise is that I want to write about three significant events from each perspective – mine and my father’s.  Forcing myself to step into his shoes (as a character) and write about how he could have been feeling, his values, his beliefs, his reactions to me, his thoughts, his outcomes, his regrets …and juxtaposition it with those of my own (that I know so well) will hopefully help me to humanise him and help me to forgive.

Huge, huh?  I decided this on Monday, and today I found a post on a Buddhist blog I read:

Essentially, we need to turn, and this will be ever so slowly at first, the relationship around. It’s the first turn that’s the hardest. It starts with what we tell ourselves about the other person. We try to still the negative chatter and replace it with something positive. Also, we look for their suffering. We replace our frustrated, complaining thoughts with those that are empathetic and caring. Then we’ll be ready.  

Read the rest of the post here.


Saving For A House Deposit

So I think most of my regular readers will know that I am somewhat unconventional. I often prefer to be self-indulgent than anally retentive. I am also rather crap with my finances.

Self deprication? No, gods honest truth. Usually my good points make up for some of the bad, but occassionally, the bad points end up delivering me a bloody fantastic outcome that I least expect!

Today was one of those days.

One would think that one was being paid far too much if one could actually go 18 months without realising that one’s employer was not paying one correctly. True? Well that ‘one’ is me. I will admit that I have not once looked at my payslip in the entire tenure at my current job. This is partially due to my failing anal retentivity, and partially due to requiring a password to access said payslip… something I never bothered to work out.

But last week I went to the trouble of getting a password as I am about to embark upon a new job and I wanted to work out how much extra I could contribute to my savings for a house (not to mention towards a wedding) based on the difference between my current salary and my new salary.

Well… upon closer inspection of my payslips, and reference back to the contracts I had signed, it became apparent that I had been underpaid for a period of over 18 months!! Thinking I must be missing some very obvious clue, I wrote a simple email to payroll asking for them to clarify the situation.

Today, they replied to tell me that this Friday, my last day at my current job, I will be backpaid all of the due monies since December 2006!!!!

Holy Forced Savings Batman!!

So how did all my aforementioned bad traits contribute to this fabulous outcome? Well my lack of convention means that I am probably the only employee on earth that goes 18 months without checking her payslip to ensure she’s being paid correctly. My self-indulgence means that I am far happier whinging and moaning about my hand-to-mouth state of existence than actually looking further into why it’s so hard for me to afford to live and save as well. My lack of anal retentivity means that all of this has taken until the week before I leave my job to come to the surface and my complete and utter crapness with finances means that I am simply too dumb to pick up a calculator and divide my salary by 12 and work out what I should be being paid per month!! *sigh* I think I am a lost cause.

Besides all of this, I also found out that I am entitled to my annual bonus as well as the above, so I am feeling remarkably relieved about my ability to save for a house and pay for a wedding in 8 months too!

Thank you, Universe. You always manage to deliver for me when I need it the most. xxxx