Best Photos 2008


Lightning bolts appear above and around the Chaiten volcano as seen from Chana, some 30 kms (19 miles) north of the volcano, as it began its first eruption in thousands of years, in southern Chile May 2, 2008.  Cases of electrical storms breaking out directly above erupting volcanoes are well documented, although scientists differ on what causes them.  Picture taken May 2, 2008. (REUTERS/Carlos Gutierrez)
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This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

What happens when Venice floods?

This happens – and people just get on with their lives.  Amazing photos!


Seems my little brother has a bit of a talent….  🙂

FlickrFolio is coming

Soon to be released is FlickrFolio – a free, hosted portfolio service which automatically feeds from your photos and photosets on Flickr.  I thought that might inspire my friend to get her superduper photos into a folio format for sale on her dedicated photography site that’s just screaming out for some Scarlet Love.

Belated Birthday Bonanza

So I thought my birthday came and went months ago, but a box arrived from my mum who has just returned from 6 weeks jetting around America and Canada and Ka-Ching! – Birthday is Back.

Thanks to my darling brother and sister-in-law, I am scooting about with this little gem on the front of my Canon 400D.  My lens options to date have been great, unless I needed some serious depth of field, that was the profound gap in my repertoire.  Now filled by this wee beauty – Canon 50mm f/1.8 II.  It’s a fixed lens, which feels a bit weird at first, but the results are great.

So thank you Brett & Helen and also to mum who played courier.


Number Three

So I said there was a lot more to say about my trip to Tasmania these past four days…

Besides the gazillion photos of the incredible landscape and countryside of this beautiful (and very underrated state of Australia), yesterday on May 26th, 2008 at about 12.30pm, Adam proposed to me!

My text message announcement to friends read:

Today the Phoenix landed on Mars, a momentous day as a legendary bird conquers the fiery masculine planet, landing to stake claim and continue exploration.  It’s only fitting that today Adam and I announce our engagement!  On bended knee in the Bay of Fires, Adam proposed and I accepted!! xx

But the full story is this… the 26th of May signifies three years since Adam and I first kissed.  That morning we got up to enjoy the last day of our four day break in Tasmania with my son.  The Bay of Fires was the agenda of the day, then on to Launceston to make our way home.

The Bay of Fires was spectacular.  The whitest sand on the most pristine beaches, turquoise water and rocks flanking the beach that had red and orange mineral deposits all over them – incredible colour and not another soul on the beach with us as we wandered, taking photos and admiring the gorgeous surroundings.

I set up my tripod on the beach, to take photos of my son for a canvas I am planning.  After about 20 shots, Adam told my son to take a photo of us, so my son took postion behind the lens and we knelt down on the sand to allow him to get us in frame.  A few clicks and I started to get up but Adam stopped me and pulled out a box and asked me to marry him!  I was so surprised that I think I had my mouth agape not saying anything for about 15 seconds, before I realised he was patiently waiting for my answer!

Of course I said yes!

Meanwhile, little did I know that my son had been snapping away, capturing the whole thing on my camera!  It was so special to have him be a part of it in some way and I love that I will have such permanent, lasting memories of that moment.

And so I cross #003 off my list!  WOW!!