Top 5 Favourite Music Videos

In reverse order so I can build to complete awesomeness… Enjoy!

#5 : This clip gives me shivers down my spine every time I watch it. The first time I saw it I was on a plane and I cried, seriously. It’s so simple, but so effective in taking you onto the wave of this brilliantly crafted crescendo of music and emotions.

#4 : Although no ‘official’ music clip was released for this incredible song, the images displayed on screen during the live performance of P!nk’s Dear Mr President are chilling and incredibly moving. Another one that gives me goosebumps:

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Excel & Music

This was sent to me today and I couldn’t not share it here, because not only is it funny… I actually know people that use programs like excel to graphically represent all manner of things!  Music and statistics sound like they should never be mixed, but the results are mostly amusing…

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Japan’s Weird

What is in the water in Japan? Seriously. Is it LSD? First there was Human Tetris, followed by literally scores of other Japanese game shows and now… We Are The World by Japanese Impersonators

Cute Overload

“Remember to ret her into your heart!” 

OMG he is adorable! 

Organise My Music

This post is more for me than for you.  But for anyone with “Organise my music library” on their 101 List, there is a fabulous little service I just found.  It’s called and from the short 3 minutes I just played with it, I typed in every obscure artist I could think of and it immediately brought up the album art for all their CDs!!  This is going to make updating my iTunes library with album art SO MUCH EASIER.

Date Night #2

So last Sunday, we had date night #2, which meant that it was my partner’s turn to organise the activities.  The date was supposed to be on Tuesday, and my partner told me that he’d bought tickets to the Rooftop Cinema and had planned to organise our dinner to be delivered from Cookie.  Sounded divine until he told me that the film playing that night was Chopper… not really quite the romantic, is he?  So I tried to fake disappointment when he told me he had to work out of town on Tuesday and wouldn’t get back in time for our date.  So we moved it to Sunday night.

I was picked up in his dirty, filthy Nissan X-Trail – ‘Welcome to your chariot’ I muttered as I got in.  And we went into the city, parked on Queen St, near Bourke St and then we were standing outside a big office-type building.  I was wondering where on earth we were going… answer was Blue Diamond.

This hidden away bar was supposed to be a “members only” club, but now accepts non-member visits (with a door charge, except on Sundays before 9pm).  The view from the wrap around balcony is sensational and the sunset was glorious, I cursed myself for not taking my camera.  The ambient lighting, kitch decor, art and design suits the live musical entertainment perfectly.  The night we were there had a Cuban type theme, but I am guessing their musical guests range from jazz, to blues, to swing to cabaret.  We gorged ourselves on tasting plates and watched the single males work their magic strategies on the (several) groups of single women – dragging them onto the dance floor.

I love this place.  I am going to arrange my next Girls Night Out here.

After we’d enjoyed a few hours here, we went home, dragged the mattress in front of the plasma and devoured several DVDs and a mint Magnum.

Like Honey

Every so often, I come across a new artist that sends a little shiver down my spine, or raises my skin into goose bumps.  It’s a special little feeling that I cannot match outside of musical discoveries.  It needs to go on my List of 101 Things that make my Happy, right now!

Lisa Ekdahl is the latest angel to give me that little *schwing* feeling.  Her voice is like honey.  I hope you enjoy.