Valentine’s Day


This is a drawing my boyfriend Matthew did in response to the bushfires. This Saturday is Valentines Day. If you like, print out this drawing and give it as a Valentine to someone you love. Let them know that instead of buying flowers, chocolates or champagne, you have donated to the bushfire relief fund instead.

To donate click here.

Feel free to pass on information to as many people as you like.

Rachel Knepfer and Matthew Martin, Coogee, NSW

Link to PDF


Australia : The Movie

Do yourself a favour.  Read this post.

Because if you don’t, it’s highly likely that the well oiled marketing machine that is Baz Luhrmann and the team from the movie Australia will have sucked you in to spending $16 (or more, if you’re considering Gold Class) to see one of the biggest piles of shite I have ever given away 3 hours of my life to.

Seriously, the storytelling is so thin on the ground it gets swept up and blown away with the slightest gust of wind.  The character development is just plainly non-existent and it’s one of the most poorly developed character arcs I have ever had the discomfort of sitting through.  Usually Baz manages to draw me in with costuming and cinematography and direction, but there was only one costume in the whole thing that really caught my eye (and one lack of costume, but we’ll get to that…), the whole movie seemed overexposed (cinemagraphically) and the heavy use of extreme closeup means I am now painfully aware of every pore on Nicole Kidman’s face.  If they had jammed in a couple more poorly written and delivered Wizard of Oz references or another “crikey” I may have actually tried to slit my wrists with my popcorn box.

And, in keeping with my belief that all our emotions are all manifest physically, my body actually protested half way through the film.  I got the most insane calf and foot cramp I have ever had, that lasted for about 10 minutes.  It was so excruciating that I actually started to cry.   I seriously should have left at this point and saved myself further torture.

But… my $16 (plus $13 at the candy bar) was not entirely wasted.  You see, there is one scene that is worth watching.  Yep, just one.  And I am going to do you all a favour and show you it here.

It’s gratuitous, overly-styled, and bloody wonderful.  Actually, it feels like it was slightly longer in the film (the shower bit).  Watch it over and over.  Let yourself blush.  This scene is worth $16 just to see it on a big screen.  Come to think of it, you know what, I think Baz would’ve been better off spending $120 million on making an Outback porno with Hugh Jackman.

Mumbai in Pictures

Click on the photo for more.  These captures say more than I ever could in words.

Thank F*&#

Well, I would love to be able to say “I will always remember where I was when Obama was announced as the first African-American president of the USA”… but sadly this week has been heinous for me and I had my head buried in powerpoint presentations, strategy documents and debriefs.

Nevertheless, I am so pleased with the decision America made.  Particularly when I see clips like the one above!  To think we came |   |  this close to having that moron in charge of one of the world’s most powerful nations.  Makes me shudder.

McCain’s C U Next Tuesday


OK, so I am officially a tease. I’m sorry!

Little did I know when I wrote this, that I would be required to keep my trap shut until May 27th. Damn you, worldwide media embargo!

In the meantime, you will just have to get by on DVD box set marathons, beg/borrow/stealing invitations to themed/charity/insanely expensive (not to mention, sold out) screenings and the plethora of really-lacking-in-decent-information reviews.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Stay tuned for May 27th!

Exercise By Example

So #029 on my 101 List is underway, I’ve registered for Run Melbourne and I’m raising money for Oxfam while I put myself through 5km of pain.  Who the hell invented the term Fun Run?  There is not much that’s fun about training for this thing right now.  My quads are like a rock, Dencorub is my new best friend and I’ve found places on my body that I never knew could sweat.  It’s funny to think that about six years ago I used to absolutely love running.  I found it not only enjoyable, but it cleared my mind and kept me centered.  Nowerdays it seems to make me wheeze like I have a pulmonary edema and leave me walking like a cowboy as I try to walk using every possible muscle except my quadriceps.

As amusing as all this is, there has been an unexpected byproduct of my training for this “Fun” Run and that is that my son has been coming with me…

My son is five and while he has a lot of energy, I never expected that he would want to join in when I went for a run to begin my training.  So we went to the local park, thinking that he would be bored after one lap of the football field and want to retire to the playground while I continued running around in circles.  But, would you believe he ran three times around the oval with me?  My guess it that is roughly 500-600 metres!

This got me thinking… is the activity levels in our children partially to do with what we model to them?  Are lazy adults/parents contributing to the growth in childhood obesity?

I know I have days when I am so busy with “stuff” that it’s really easy to ask my son to watch TV, or play computer games, just so he’s occupied and not bothering me.

When I was a kid, I’d be off riding my bike down the street, or I’d have walked through the bush to the back of my friend’s house and be playing in her backyard, or I’d be bushwalking, looking for tadpoles, or climbing the rockface that was in my backyard… so I think part of the problem is also that we’re less likely to let our kids out of our sight these days.  The thought of my son walking out the door with his bike and me not being there to supervise gives me a shiver down my spine, but that is precisely what my generation and those before us did as children.

So given that my anxiety about letting my son go running down the street on his own isn’t going to pass in the near future, I think my best bet to combat the sedentary lifestyle that can so easily creep into kids lives these days, is to exercise by example.  I may even take my son to a Pilates class with me, because seriously, I cannot even begin to describe how adorable he is when we return from our run together and he copies my warm down stretches!