#068 | Update My Will

I put this one off deliberately because a will is basically made null and void when you get married, so it seemed pointless to update my will before that.

My will needs are actually more basic now than what they were prior to being married.  My previous will was written when I had my son and I needed to ensure that he would be cared for financially and physically/emotionally in the event of my untimely death.  So that one was quite complicated as I didn’t have a spouse who would take immediate care of this.  As a result I have life insurance, death and disability benefits through my superannuation and several other ‘back-up plans’ that have been in place to take care of my son if for some reason I no longer could.

So for my update, I went the really simple option.  $25 and I was done.  I could even specify what preferences I had for my funeral, such as my wish to be cremated and to have buddhist influences for my funeral in preference to a more traditional ‘christian’ ritual.  It’s quite a weird feeling thinking about ones funeral, I wouldn’t say it scared me, or worried me, just a little odd.

Glad to have that one ticked off my list!


#051 : Go Skydiving

I’ve wanted to go skydiving since I was about 18.  At that time I dated a guy that was a bit of an adrenalin junkie and so I think very early on I got an appreciation for the high one can get when taking a bit of a risk.

I’ve put it off for no other reason than money, a sense of responsibility to my son and just generally procrastinating.  But I sat in bed last weekend and thought, jeez if I don’t go now the sense of responsibility will only get worse with marriage and more kids…. so it’s kinda now, or never.

So within the space of 48 hours I had researched and chosen which place I was going to do it and booked it for today – Sunday 18th January, 2009.  I drank a little too much yesterday, so despite getting to bed early, the nervous energy coupled with a mild hangover played havoc with my stomach this morning, but after a Gatorade and a shower, we were set to go.

Bizarrely, I was not nervous once we got there, at all.  Just pure excitement running through me.  Even when we got into the tiny little plane, I still didn’t start shaking or sweating or get butterflies.  I thought that if ever I was to be nervous it would be the plane ride because I hate light aircraft.  There was another girl jumping in the same load as me and she was shitting her pants.  She kept staring at me saying, why are you so calm?!  haha.  She screamed the whole way down.  She was the last to jump, but the first on the ground, probably because her tandem partner just wanted her off him!

There were three of us in total jumping, all tandem and I was glad I went second only so that I could see the first guy fall out of the plane – that was awesome.  Getting ready to go, pulling your feet out of the plane and hanging in the door there waiting to go is the only time I was a little scared… but you get no time to even think about it before you’re suddenly spinning around above the earth and coming into freefall (220km per hour!) and lapping up every second of the 40 seconds of plunging towards the earth.  It was in a word, INCREDIBLE.

I could just go again and again and again.  In fact I can’t wait to go again because now that I know what to expect, I think I will be able to appreciate the freefall more – it was just over so fast!

Thanks to Melbourne Skydive Centre for incredible service – it’s a credit to them that I was so calm about the whole experience and enjoyed every moment of it.





Starting the year on karma’s good side

So this year I will be getting married, taking the trip of a lifetime with my new husband, striving for senior management status at work (and if that goes pear-shaped, falling pregnant instead) and before all of that, I am planning to jump out of a plane at about 10,000 feet.

With that in mind, I thought I should start the year out on the right side of Karma.  So on January 5th, I dealt with butterflies and nausea to walk into the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in Southbank to donate blood.


The last time I had any blood taken from my veins was over 6 years ago when I had my pregnancy test at the doctor.  I fainted in the pathology room  and had a massive bruise on my arm for ages afterwards.  So I warned them as I filled in the oodles of paperwork but they assured me that if I felt lightheaded or faint or weird in any way they would just stop the procedure immediately.

I was freaking out a little, which showed in the fact that my blood pressure dropped after the needle was put in and it took AGES to get 500ml from my little veins.  The machine kept beeping (to tell the nurse that the blood flow was too slow) and the people around me came and gave their blood and left in the time it took to drag 150ml from me!  But aside from that – I did it!  I am so proud of myself for overcoming my fear of blood to do a good thing.

I will be doing it again too, when I come home from my honeymoon and this time I will be registering on the bone marrow registry as well.

#016 | Swing Set

This was my son’s christmas present, which I had to stealth out of the house for on December 24th, hide it in the car until he went to bed and then bribe all our mates to come over and help us set up in the dark of night so that it would be ready in the morning as the grand finale to our morning of gift giving.  My son’s reaction was worth every bit of the effort, as is the amount of time he’s spent away from the TV playing outside since!

swing construction
Adam and Spook (with our dog as the engineer) begin the set up.


Bringing in the reinforcements

My son’s reaction upon noticing the new structure in our back yard…

#079 | External Hard-drive

It’s been on my list of things to do for about 6 months, but I finally treated myself to an external harddrive so that I can back up all my VID (very important data) – from music to photos to videos… all the irreplacable stuff.

So I am transferring everything over now with a view to spending a couple of days post Boxing Day working on the organisation of said data – #77 and #78 on my list.

Here she is…. so pretty!


#006 | Santa Fears

Another things struck off my list, just inside the 12 month anniversary mark since I started: 006, getting my son over his fear of Santa.

For years my son would squeal and hide behind my legs at Santa coming within a 10 metre radius of him.  His fear of Santa is so bad that he actually was scared of falling asleep on Christmas Eve because he was worried that Santa would come in to his room.  This has been the source of much debate between Adam and I, because as a boy, ‘Santa’ would leave presents at the foot of each child’s bed in his family, and so he thinks it is alarmingly strange that Santa would suddenly start leaving gifts under the tree instead.

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#098 | Get A New Passport…

australian_p2sml… for me and my son.

Well this one is half complete.  I applied for my new passport today after many false starts, need of new forms because I moved house before I got off my arse and submitted the old form, and delays beyond my control… it’s done!  Thank goodness because I have just spent a month planning the honeymoon of a lifetime and it would be extraordinarily sad if I left this any longer and risked my chances of going!

I was always planning on applying for my son’s passport at the same time, but as we are planning on working through all the logistics required to change his last name as well… I thought I should wait until after that was done in 2009.

Then I might be able to work on #018 and #012.