About Me

Justine is a Melbourne gal who grew up in Sydney (and sometimes Brisbane) who believes she will pass the means test for a misfit disability pension, just as soon as Rudd introduces this crucial social welfare benefit to our fine nation.

Justine spends most of her time questioning whether there really is a difference between the corporate decision-making process and the council-worker mentality she sees regularly on the tram-tracks of Melbourne.

Justine considers her partner a very lucky man, especially considering his most recent purchase of fresh underwear dates back to 1989. She tolerates his vast array of hideous undergarments because… well, occasionally he is funny.

Justine is proud parent and magnificent mother to a five year old wonder child.  Although he lobbed up on her doorstep somewhat unannounced, she fell in love instantly and can’t imagine life without her constant companion.  In 20 years time, there is no doubt she’ll be one of those irritating mother-in-laws that has never quite let go…

Justine also has a very witty brother, whom she tortured for the first nine years of his life until her parents took extreme measures, divorced and took one child each just to make sure Justine didn’t kill her very witty brother before she found out what a fabulous friend he is.

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