#016 | Swing Set

This was my son’s christmas present, which I had to stealth out of the house for on December 24th, hide it in the car until he went to bed and then bribe all our mates to come over and help us set up in the dark of night so that it would be ready in the morning as the grand finale to our morning of gift giving.  My son’s reaction was worth every bit of the effort, as is the amount of time he’s spent away from the TV playing outside since!

swing construction
Adam and Spook (with our dog as the engineer) begin the set up.


Bringing in the reinforcements

My son’s reaction upon noticing the new structure in our back yard…



  1. What a great reaction you got to your surprise!

  2. Wow – what a beauty and such a great photo capturing Jye’s response. Well worth all the effort.

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