#006 | Santa Fears

Another things struck off my list, just inside the 12 month anniversary mark since I started: 006, getting my son over his fear of Santa.

For years my son would squeal and hide behind my legs at Santa coming within a 10 metre radius of him.  His fear of Santa is so bad that he actually was scared of falling asleep on Christmas Eve because he was worried that Santa would come in to his room.  This has been the source of much debate between Adam and I, because as a boy, ‘Santa’ would leave presents at the foot of each child’s bed in his family, and so he thinks it is alarmingly strange that Santa would suddenly start leaving gifts under the tree instead.

So this year, one of my goals was to make Santa a little more palatable for my son.  We wrote him a letter a month or so ago, asking for two things for Christmas.  We got an advent calendar and counted down the number of sleeps (since December 1) til Santa arrived.  For the last two weeks we’ve pointed out Santa as the queues of kids and parents waited for their turn to sit on the big man’s knee and have their photo taken.  And to be honest, in spite of all of this, I was no more confident that he would get over his fear this year – all signs pointed to me only being able to cross this off the list in 2009.

But today, in a random stop off at Bunnings, all the stars came into alignment.  The main factor was, there was no queue to see Santa.  My son is the kind of person that will totally psych himself out of something if given enough time to think about it.  So the fact that we could walk straight up to him and he was in a low chair (and therefore less imposing in stature) and had a cute little female elf with him… made all the difference.  Strangely, Santa also marked a striking resemblance to my son’s Grandad (my stepdad)… He was giving out balloons and lollies too, so that sealed the deal.

The only down side was that it was completely unexpected, so I had no camera to use other than my phone!  But the quality of the shot isn’t as bad as I expected.




  1. That is a LOVELY Santa picture! I don’t have any of my son in which he doesn’t look slightly terrified. And he LOVES Santa!

  2. […] 006 | Get my son over his fear of Santa […]

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