Tick Tick Tick goes my pen…

Another two things to cross off my list!  Been a while since I could say that; between work, life, the wedding preparations and being a mother, I’ve not really had much of a chance to think about it.  Yet in the last 48 hours I have struck these two things off:

#040 | Declutter – sell or giveaway 101 items

I had a garage sale in my front yard on Sunday after two weeks of going through cupboards (and spare rooms) and pulling out clothes and toys and bric-a-brac, old furniture we didn’t want anymore, items from photoshoots we had no use for – all of which just took up so much space!  So what we didn’t sell yesterday (and we sold $300 worth), we gave to the Salvation Army.

The best bit is, this year we weren’t planning on buying gifts for each other at Christmas time, as we’re saving for the wedding and our house purchase next year.  But I told Adam I thought we should split the money we made at the sale and use that to buy each other gifts.

#046 | Take a swing dancing lesson

This was SO MUCH FUN!  Adam came with me, which made it even funnier because he’s a little awkward with the steps.  But I really got into it, I had too much energy and was bouncing around like a little kid.  I have always wanted to learn to swing dance, but never really gotten off my ass to learn.  This scene in Swingers always made me think it wouldn’t be too hard to learn:

Now that I’ve been once, I just want more more more more!!



  1. I know just what you mean! I started dancing a year and a half ago and STIL cannot get enough! I love your blog, you are insiping me to revise and stick to my list in 2009!

    Happy Dancing,

  2. […] 040 | Declutter: get rid of 101 material items […]

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