Me (to my son) : go get yourself a napkin, you have pasta sauce on your face.

My son : *Scoff* I am your SLAVE!

Me (shocked) : What? Why do you think you are my slave?

My son (with all the attitude of a 15 year old… seriously, eyeroll and everything) : Because you make me do everything for you and you do nothing for me.

Me (trying not to laugh) : Really?  So didn’t I just cook your dinner?

My son : *pause* Well… *ponder* yes, but you don’t do anything else.

Me : Oh.  Well ok then, I won’t make your lunch in the morning, or drive you to school, or wash your uniform, or read you that library book then, ok?

My son : *crickets*



  1. This one made for a good morning laugh! 🙂

  2. hahaha! cute! so has he reached the point yet where he won’t kiss you in public or asks you to drop him off “up the street”? when my niece and nephew first pulled that on me, i lost it!

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