Elephant-Sized 101 Update

Lots has been going on and I feel like it’s time for a massive update.  Even if only to get my own head sorted.  I am really enjoying my 101 things in 1001 days challenge, especially since I reinvigorated my list.

So to recap, the things I have managed to achieve and cross off as ‘done’ are:

001 | Write my mum a gratitude letter
003 | Get engaged
015 | Take my son camping in a tent
017 | Bake my son a birthday cake from the AWW Kids bday cakes cookbook
021 | Fly a kite with my son
028 | Start a social tennis group (which has been on hiatus over winter, but about to make a comeback)
029 | Do a fun run
030 | List 101 things that make me happy
035 | Touch my toes without bending my knees
037 | Read Change The Way You See Everything
039 | And this week I completed 6 weeks without meat, alcohol, cow’s milk products, wheat, caffeine, sweets and more!!  Very glad it’s over but I feel bloody fantastic.
041 | Sent anonymous gifts or flowers
043 | Visited Tasmania
052 | Visited Phillip Island
053 | Participated in Earth Hour
056 | Made a cheesecake from scratch
060 | Did We Are What We Do for 60 days
062 | Wrote a budget that I am sticking to very well!
065 | Paid off my personal loan debt
067 | Created an education savings account for my son, which has over $2,000 in it already
069 | Hired a cleaner…. but she quit so I need to hire a new one!!
070 | Replaced all my old underwear
072 | Got my teeth whitened
073 | Bought new jeans
085 | Read the 4 Hour Work Week
096 | Bought a decent BBQ
097 | New dining chairs
099 | Get a digital video camera
100 | New shelf in my laundry (in a house I have now moved from!)

30% down!!  Very excited to have reached the ‘3s’.


1 Comment

  1. Wow you are doing so well with your list!!!!!

    Also, your teeth look AMAZING! I want to get mine whitened also but not sure if I can justify the cost at the moment. Did you use gel or laser?

    I am also now just over 30% through my list and it is a good feeling. Keep up the great work,

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