#072 – Get My Teeth Whitened

Believe it or not, I’ve not touched either of these with photoshop.  The before is clearly a crappy shot at night time, but typifies what my teeth tended to look like prior to my wonderful dentist doing his magic.  We’re actually still whitening them… one tooth is still refusing to get into line, and I may end up capping the two front ones for a bit of additional “cosmetic adjustment” but that remains to be seen when the dentist quotes me the cost!!



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  2. Hi there!

    Loving reading about your 101 things! I might give it a go sometime…

    Was just wondering about the teeth whitening- was it easy? Will they stay white? Did you buy a kit or have it done by a professional? So many questions!

  3. So so easy – I just asked my dentist, he gave me a take home kit after taking some imprints of my teeth and providing me with custom-fit moulds that hold the whitening gel. It can be as quick as a week, mine’s been more like four weeks though to get to where I am now and we’re still hoping they’ll go a tad whiter. I presume they will stay white! I imagine I might need to ‘top up’ in a few years.

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