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The background to this post can be found here : Change The Way You See Everything

It’s so easy to cut someone down.  It’s really the cheap and gutless option.  I have always tried to view every experience that is a little tough or doesn’t go as planned as an opportunity to learn.  It’s hard sometimes though.  I love this thought from the book though:

The most reinforcing question you can ask anyone after they accomplish a task is, “How did you do that?”

The question affirms the importance of the accomplishment, but more importantly, it allows a person to reflect on what personal assets (attitudes, knowledge and skills) were tapped in order to succeed.  Whevever you recognise or praise someone in this way it will last.  Encourage conversations that begin with “How did you do that?” and then keep probing till you gain new insight.  Deficit-based thinkers most often ask “Why did you do that?” which just sets the stage for a defensive explanation for an action.

And don’t forget this same principle applies to team work – asking “How did we do that” helps the group to stay conscious of what’s working and to inspire continued collaboration.


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  1. Hi Again Justine:

    Another great post. I’m sure that with the current economic environment and all the uncertainty about job security there will be a natural tendency for people to focus almost all of their time on the downside and become solely focused on their own situations. Team work and relationships are all too easily put aside. You make some excellent points that are needed now, more than ever.


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