Wicked is … well… wicked.

Last week I went to see Wicked, the musical that everyone raves about… I was trying to find the clip of Jack from Will & Grace effusing his love of it, but alas my youtube powers are failing me.

It’s brilliant.  You simply must see it.  Try to ignore the lack of strength and talent in Robert Mills, perhaps replace that disappointment with the sick glee you get from seeing Anthony Calea play a munchkin.  But just lap it up – it’s a great story and well told.  And no, it doesn’t matter that Rob Guest died.  It’s very sad and I was momentarily put out that his stroke couldn’t hold off a week until I got to see him one last time, but as much as I adore Rob and admire his talent, the show isn’t broken without him.


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  1. Oh I am so jealous- I really want to see it! If we get to Melbourne some time in November/December. My brother and his gf saw it in America and RAVE about i!!!

    I will never forget the first musical I ever saw, Boy from Oz. My dad took me and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    Your honeymoon plans sound lovely- we will have to start planning our own soon!

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