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The background to this post can be found here : Change The Way You See Everything

Yesterday in our office I was witness to something that sent a shiver down my spine.  There is a person in our office that is a manager of people, however I’m yet to witness this person use her influence and knowledge to support the staff in their development or growth.

When a colleague expressed that she was having difficulty with a particular part of her role, and her concerns stemmed from a lack of direction being given to her that left her feeling as though she wasn’t doing her job very well – her manager replied that it was “her problem that she felt that way”.

I was completely aghast.  How is that supposed to help her get past this difficulty?  I am not suggesting that her manager needed to swoop in and make things right on behalf of this employee, but how does that comment help my colleague to find a way past it on her own?

This is where I see Asset-Based-Thinking playing such a crucial role in my development as a manager of people in the office.  ABT is so grounded in coaching, teaching, guiding towards a better outcome or point of view – it’s empowering not only to me but also to those around me.  For the sake of the people I work with, I hope it doesn’t take too long for me to achieve #087 on my list.


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