#099 – Buy A Digital Video Camera

Well, this wasn’t one of the things I was expecting to cross off my list this weekend.

But when my fiance calls me and says “do you know anyone with a digital video camera?  I can give them $500 to come film a job I am doing tonight”… I kinda went “Ka-CHING!  Free camera!”

Well not quite free, but my out of pocket is a mere $188, so I am fairly cheshire cat right now.

It’s a Sony DCR-SR45 with a 30GB hard disk, hybrid recording (HD or SD), built-in zoom mic, 40x optical zoom / 2000x digital zoom, 2.7″ touchscreen panel and it’s about the size of my hand!

Super spesh.



  1. Those gadgets are incrediable. What bang for the buck. What you need to do is connect the USB or firewire to your computer and begin editing and add special and sound EFX. I started doing that with an old copy of Adobe Premier, and it’s absolutely addicting. I wish I had gotten into directing.

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