Return from Hiatus

Between internet issues at the extremities of the house (where our computers reside), a new job, planning a wedding and a wee bit of winter-blues, my poor little blog’s been a tad neglected of late. But I am trying to get back on the wagon in more ways than one.

With 700+ days left of my 101 in 1001 challenge, I’m going to revise my list. I’m admitting defeat on a few of the ‘must do regularly’ points… some of them I’ve done for long enough to make them habitual, but others I have struggled with and will continue to do so for 700+ days, so time to make some new goals and slot them in instead. That’s a job for this weekend while the rest of Melbourne drinks themselves stupid while some tall blokes in tight shorts kick a little ball around.

I’m also going to join my friend’s site, co-motivate, in a bit to keep me going on a few things… like wedding planning. Talk about painful. It’s getting easier now that I’ve convinced my darling fiancé to see the light – we’re going with an event planner at a venue that includes everything we need (instead of me tearing my hair out trying to make a photography studio work for us). And on that note, as I count 157 days down to my wedding day, be prepared for a whole lotta wedding planning updates here on thy blog.


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