The Bling

This post is probably a little late in its arrival and for my interstate and overseas friends and family, I do apologise.

The bling.

My ring is my favourite thing – ever.

I designed it myself and what you see in the picture there is only a fraction of how sparkley it is under natural light.  It’s a 1.16 ct princess cut diamond set into a white gold band that has almost a carat of black diamonds embedded into the band on either side.  The band is thick, so a side angle gives you a sleek white gold edge to the black diamonds which are set right up to the edge of the band.

I get two different types of reactions to it…

The “OMG that is divine and SO YOU” one with which most of my good friends and family have gushed.

and the “ooohhh, that’s… different, isn’t it?”, usually from the blue rinse set (and my mother-in-law).



  1. Wow, that is an awesome ring! I love how the black diamonds in the band make the diamond that much more “blingy”. Haha.

  2. […] A while back I talked about how fabulous my jeweller was in bringing my engagement ring vision to life.  Well now he’s done it again, another fabulous job with our wedding […]

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