Caveat Emptor

Tenants beware.

A business set up specifically for residential rentals only – I should’ve known I was in for a raw deal from the outset.

Run Property probably do a fabulous job for the landlords on their books, if my experience is anything to go by, they would have achieved the following for my previous landlady:

– Saved her money on repairs to a letterbox that literally fell apart by not responding to my requests for a handyman for over a week.  I got sick of the Posty refusing to deliver my mail, so I nailed it together myself.

– Saved her money on various tradesmen when the lights needed fixing, the glass in the rangehood fell out, the water filter refused to work and the oven wouldn’t turn on.  Sure, I learned a lot of trades in my time at that house – but seriously.

– Allowed her to make interest off me for at least 6 weeks after I vacated the premises (I gave up and broke the lease) withholding the rent I paid in advance as well as taking rent from a new tenant that moved in immediately after me.

To top it all off, their sheer incompetence means that the RTBA have had my bond for 7 weeks longer than they should have thanks to Run Property’s inability to address an express post envelope correctly and get the claim form to them in reasonable time.

What’s worse is that now I’m no longer a tenant of their’s, my rights are severely diminished.  So CAVEAT EMPTOR my friends.  Deal with Run Property at your peril.


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