#029 – Do A Fun Run

So this particular item on my list was supposed to get me into training, regular exercise and all that fun stuff by registering to run 5km in Run Melbourne.  The fact that people sponsored me pretty much obligated me to train and actually show up on the day… or so I thought.

The training never happened.  Like… ever.  I think I ran around the block near my house about 4 times (separate occassions) and thought ‘bah, I’ll be alright, 5kms ain’t that far’.

What I probably didn’t count on is the nine hour drinking session the day before.  I went to a girls lunch and arrived saying “I’m not drinking, I’m running in Run Melbourne tomorrow morning” like it was a badge of honor despite my lack of preparation for the race.  I then went from thinking “oh one won’t hurt” to “I don’t feel like it’s even hitting the sides” to “bugger it, I’ll run drunk if I have to”…

Oh dear.  After nine hours I ran Adam and asked him to come get me.  I passed out on the bed and was woken with elbows digging into my ribs telling me that if I was racing I had to get up.  Felt like I’d been asleep for 10 minutes.

I conned Adam to driving me in to the start line.  I charged through the waves of nausea as I did my warm up and went with the crowd to the starting point.  Off we went and I kept it a pretty steady easy pace, using the downhill sections to gather some speed and make up some time.  I was stunned that by the 4km mark, I hadn’t thrown up, copped a head spin or passed out.  I was almost at the very end when we had to run over a foot bridge to get to the finish line.  The foot bridge was shuddering and shaking and swaying with the pounding of feet… and that’s when the headspin kicked in, the waves of nausea took hold and I literally held my hand over my mouth as I ran as fast as I could across the bridge.  I staggered over the finish line and called Adam.

“What?  You’re finished?  I thought you’d be another 30 minutes!”  Thanks for the vote of confidence honey.

I ended up running it in 33 minutes 26 seconds (official time), which placed me 211th in my division, 639th out of all the women and 1124th overall.  That and I raised $780 for Oxfam.  Nice.  I think I did well.


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