Motivation for my 101 in 1001 Buddies

For everyone already doing the 101 in 1001 challenge, or anyone that isn’t but wants to set themselves a few goals and stay motivated to achieve them… let me introduce you to a great idea by a great friend of mine : COMOTIVATE.

Somewhere in the world, there’s someone just like you and they’re trying to better themselves, just like you.

Although it is in BETA, comotivate is supposed to be more of a ‘useful’ networking site than a social networking site. It exists to positively change your physical and mental state by leveraging all that’s amazing about the human condition. Register your goal today, find someone with whom to comotivate and enjoy the power of collective endeavour.

comotivate uses a powerful database to match user profiles so that buddies resemble each other as closely as possible. This gives you the confidence to know that if your buddy can reach their goal, you can reach yours too. The site allows you to:

* Use a range of tools on the site to track your progress, share video, images and encouragement to help each team member along the way.
* Be selective over who you buddy with, how you’re matched and how long your goal runs.
* Complete your goal and celebrate your success with a certificate of achievement.
* Build a private home page of personal information relating to the goals you’ve met.

Cool idea, huh?  So if you’re trying to quit smoking, or gambling, or wanting to get fit, lose weight, gain weight, reduce you’re impact on the environment or start your own business, there is someone else out there doing exactly the same thing and willing to spur you on and share in your sense of achievement!  I seriously wish I’d thought of this idea.



  1. that’s a great idea! i’m actually signing up so that i can browse around.

  2. Hey Justine!
    Thanks for the mention last month. You helped get some early traffic to the site and that helped me identify some bugs that are now fixed. The re-vamped site goes live in the next 24 hours. GEMMERZZ will find that it’s a bit easier to browse and more sticky than it was before.
    Your list is a cracker! I should give you a guest writer role! (Like you’ve got time!!!) How many times will you be moving house for goodness sake? I guess until you tick off number 59!!!
    Matt (the teaboy)

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