Top 5 Favourite Music Videos

In reverse order so I can build to complete awesomeness… Enjoy!

#5 : This clip gives me shivers down my spine every time I watch it. The first time I saw it I was on a plane and I cried, seriously. It’s so simple, but so effective in taking you onto the wave of this brilliantly crafted crescendo of music and emotions.

#4 : Although no ‘official’ music clip was released for this incredible song, the images displayed on screen during the live performance of P!nk’s Dear Mr President are chilling and incredibly moving. Another one that gives me goosebumps:

#3 : So this is an extended clip from Gwen, and I can’t really put my finger on why I love this so much… maybe because it shows how beautiful she is, even without the heavy eye and lip makeup, or because it reminds me so much of a storybook, like Alice in Wonderland. It’s just out there and fun, but sexy as hell.

#2 : Who could forget the awesomeness of OK Go in this clip? It was so awesome that Riva coffee ripped offthe concept for this tv commercial.

#1 : OK so this probably wasn’t meant to be a music video, but it’s probably one of the best ever, irrespective of whether Sick Puppies meant for it to be their music video or not… they were probably just lending their music to the fantastic Free Hugs campaign, but I am sure they are glad they did!



  1. Thank you for these. I don’t often watch music videos anymore. I used to live on them when I was younger. You couldn’t go through the day without checking out the ‘Much Music’ station to see the latest.

    I really liked the Coldplay one. That one was very nicely done.


  2. Oh.. and the ‘Free Hugs’.. now that one made me all teary. I don’t know why.. its happy! Maybe that IS why. Its nice to see. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again!

    *remembers to read over BEFORE hitting submit*

    MK (again)

  3. i love love love love LOVE “OK Go”. 🙂

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