Top 5 Funniest Things My Son Has Said

1. Broken
My son : Zap is a naughty dog, isn’t he?
Adam : Sometimes, yes Zap is naughty.
My son: I think we should take him back and get a new dog.
Adam : Why would we do that?
My son : Because our dog doesn’t work. We need a new dog that works.

2. I Spy
Adam : I spy with my little eye, something that is grey.
My son : (no hesitation) Adam’s Hair!

3. Garden Problem
While driving along in our car, Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars came on the radio. This happens to be one of my son’s favourite songs, so I turned it up a little. My son sang along to the words, in his own special way.
Then he said : “Mummy…. our garden doesn’t burst into life, does it?

4. (C)RASH
One day, my son and I were involved in a car accident – a (fantastically stupid) woman pulled out of her driveway into the side of our car crushing three panels along the side. I was very upset and shaken, my son asked me why I was crying, and I said we had a car crash and I was sad the car was hurt.
Later in a store, my son came out with this pearler to the staff: Guess what, our car has a rash.

5. Question Time
Travelling along in the car, my son was asking me incessant questions – What? Why? Who? How? When? Do? Did? Where? I had a headache, so I said “PLEASE, stop asking me questions!
There was a pause and then my son said “Well, I will stop asking you questions when you stop asking me questions“.
This infuriated me even more, so I quipped back “When did I ask you a question?
My very sharp son slung back “YOU JUST DID!
Outsmarted by a 4 year old – mummy has been put in her place.


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