Top 5 Things I Love About Winter

1. The feeling of a toasty bed, warmed to perfection by my electric blanket. I let out a little *squeee* every night as I slide between the sheets.

2. Scarves, overcoats, hats, mittens – it reminds me of rugging up in London, or in New York, so I feel like I am overseas even though I’ve only stepped out my front door.

3. The mist that my warm breath creates on an early morning walk with the dog. Nothing quite like seeing your own breath to remind you how cold it is.

4. The seat warmers in my car. Best. Invention. Ever.

5. The amazing Killarney plush supersoft microfibre blanket Adam got for his birthday from his mum. I wish I could make a jump-suit out of it and wear it from May through to August.


1 Comment

  1. Living in California, I don’t think it gets cold enough to use seat warmers. One of my best friends LOVES it, though. She says I have a “hot butt”. I can’t complain! 😉

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