#043 | Visit Tasmania

Monday just gone was Adam’s birthday and amongst other things, my gift to him was a family holiday to Tasmania at the end of May.  A wee bit self serving in that it’s one of the things on my list, but he’s only ever been there once and that was to watch a game of football, so he was really happy with his present.

We’re flying in to Hobart on Friday morning of May 23rd and fly back from Launceston on May 26th in the evening.  In between that, I am thinking the east coast and possibly cutting back to Cradle Mountain before heading to Launceston for our flight.  I am not super keen on spending heaps of time in Hobart and Launceston as I figure I’ll get a better picture of the beauty of Tasmania by sticking to “nature” rather than cities.

But I want recommendations!  Advice!  Where to go?  Where not to go?  Don’t be shy… I am planning our itinerary (we’ll have a car) and I want help…



  1. I lived there with my parents and sister for a couple years in ’96, ’97 and we made the most of it by taking a few family holidays around the state.

    I would highly recommend Coles Bay and the Frecinet Peninsula – wonderful scenery and a relaxing place to spend some time.

    I would actually consider other places besides Cradle Mountain – it’s nice, but didn’t really do much for me.

    Other places worth a visit: Cataract Gorge, Richmond (old stone bridge, great candy store among other things), Dover (fishing vilage), Margate (old steam train – I think, from memory)

  2. I have been to Tassie twice and apart from Cataract Gorge and Richmond as mentioned above , I loved the history of Port Arthur and in general the drive up the East Coast has lots of very pretty spots. If time permits The Nut at Stanley was worth the trip (freezing cold in October – but great views of the countryside & ocean). Enjoy – Mum and Tez xx

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