You Tube in High Definition

[edit : no idea what happened to this post between last night when I first published it and this morning… youtube gremlins?]

Ever been watching a clip or video on youtube and thought to yourself, geez I wish it was better quality? Well this guy has developed the simplest hack in the world to get your youtube in HD, or as close as youtube can muster HD.

You simply add &fmt=18 to the end of the url string of the youtube url you are watching and hit enter.

So for example:

would become

From what I can tell, it makes the picture quality better and the sound quality better as well, so great for music videos… or for watching the hottest guy on the planet over and over and over again.




  1. Are you talking about Davey?!? HOTTTTT.

  2. Yeah Youtube have quietly been rolling this out. It’s still pretty shitty quality, nothing like the (now deceased) Stage6 offered.

    Anyhow, to save you some voodoo, just log onto your Youtube account, go to Account>More, then look for the “Video Playback Quality” option. Select “I have a fast connection. Always play higher-quality video when it’s available.” and bada-bing, you’ll always get the HD (*cough*) version.

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