Singing Billy Elliot

Everyone’s talking about this 13 year old kid from British council flats, bullied since the age of six because he loves to sing, but brave enough to put himself into an Audition for Britian’s Got Talent.

WOW.  He blew everyone away, it’s fair to say.  If I wasn’t at work when I watched this, I would’ve let my own tears run freely.  The poor little darling was so nervous, so lacking in confidence, I honestly wonder how much his mother had to beg and plead for him to just walk out on stage.  What an incredibly brave woman to put her emotionally-battered son out there in the spot-light like that – it will be the best thing for him to bring back the confidence that those bullies have taken from him all these years.

Every year this show seems to find a little diamond in a rough package.  Last year was Paul Potts, this year it’s a singing version of Billy Elliot.  I hope his story turns out the same as Billy’s in the end!

Side Note : how I wish Australia’s version of this show struck gold like this every year!



  1. Well lucky for me that I watched that from the couch in my living room because it did make me cry. What an amazing voice, and a great kid.

  2. I showed this to my partner last night and we both cried! Amazing.

  3. Quick, someone get him a recording contract before his balls drop!

  4. OMG – how amazing was he. Bring me the tissues.

  5. Yeah, that kid was alllllright, but check out 6yo Connie on the same show. She got into the final with Paul Potts (which he obviously went on to win), but from the first time she opened her mouth, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Cutest. Little Girl. Ever!

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