Super Mum

As I was driving home tonight, the radio station was talking to a woman named Megan. I came into the call a little late and so took a while to catch on to what they were talking to this woman about. I must have heard it incorrectly, because for a moment there I thought they said this woman, Megan, had raised her two nieces since she was sixteen… oh and that when she was sixteen, her nieces were aged 9 and 7.

Oh wait. They did say that.

Talk about a super mum. Megan is the Victorian winner of the Barnados Mother of the Year competition and her story is truly amazing. Now only 25 years old, she also has two of her own children and is married to the man who was by her side through the whole “half sister ditching her kids on me when I’m only 16” saga.

The radio announcers were asking her all sorts of questions, her answers were a credit to how grounded and mature she was/is at such a young age. Living out of home herself at sixteen, when asked what she did when she realised that her half sister wasn’t coming to get her children, Megan said “I went and bought them shoes”.

When asked if she felt like she missed out on being a teenager and going to clubs etc, she said “oh well I went to some before the kids came along, so I didn’t miss out”.

What an amazing, inspirational woman to just take what life has dealt her in her stride. Not only has she done that though, she’s given her nieces a better life than they ever could have had with their real mother.

I take my hat off to you, Megan.


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