F is for Friends

In a bid to catch up on the ground I’ve lost recently in the Dictionary of Me project, I’m going to dive straight into the next chapter.

F is for Friends

A lot of people I know have friends they’ve known for most of their lives. They grew up next door to one another, or met in primary school and have been friends ever since. I’m not one of those people. I don’t exactly know why… possibly because I went from Sydney (aged 0 to roughly 4) to Brisbane (aged 4 to 7) where I started school and then back to Sydney again where I was made to repeat a year due to the differences in the NSW and QLD schooling systems.

Then when I left primary school I didn’t go to the local highschool like everyone else, and a few months into my first year of highschool my parents split and I was a bit of a loner for the first year or so.

In my teens, I don’t think I really knew who I was or what I stood for and therefore made some really poor choices in friendships. In fact it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really started to make some friends that I still hold dear to this day.

So let this be an ode to my friends: “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

To Andrew, my oldest and dearest soul mate. He understands me like no other and knows more about me than the rest of my friends put together. A writer, a poet and a gentleman. A tough exterior for a marshmallow centre. You will be my best friend for life. I’m sorry I am so crap at calling you.

To Elizabeth, the most surprising friendship I’ve ever made, and one for which I am eternally grateful. We are kindred spirits brought together through a mutual love-slash-disdain for reality television and held together through mutual respect and admiration. She is my rock.

To Daniel, who makes my life sparkle. If I could bottle you and take 5ml a day, I’d have a bounce in my step no matter what I was about to face. A role-model and uber friend to my son, a fantastic listener and crazy drinker. I am so grateful for the day you said “I will make that girl my friend!”

To Melanie, who is a sultry soul sista and fellow lioness. I could go a year without speaking with you and still feel your friendship every day. You finish my sentences before I can, hear my thoughts before I open my mouth. You were the first Melbourne friend I made and will be a permanent part of my heart, always.

To Jo, who is the most patient, kind, non-judgmental and supportive friend I have. You deserve all the happiness that is yours right now and I only wish I was closer so I could enjoy it more with you! As with Andrew, I am sorry I am so crap at calling you! You are a truly special part of my life.

To Aaron, my partner in tv-addiction, who makes me laugh when I just want to cry, who offers to be my nurse when I am sick, who spends all his time listening to me whine and politely says he doesn’t want to ‘burden’ me with his problems when he’s sad. If you ever do move to LA, I will probably end up following you. (ie. There is no point running, there is no escape!)

To Jodi, who listens attentively without prejudice in times of good and bad. Her sage advice has seen me through many lows with my partner, I don’t know what I’d do without her.

To Karen, who tells me how it is, like it is, when it is. You show me the mirror, even when the reflection is hideous and that is why I love you. You’re patient, nurturing and kind. You’re forgiving, loyal and incredibly funny. I hope we can sit on a porch when we’re 85 and still bitch about whatever is wrong with the world.

To Tasha, who I miss dearly and who probably thinks I don’t love her since she moved to London. I still have photos of you in my house and miss your support and advice and love more than you probably realise. I really am crap with the phone!



  1. A lovely tribute to your friends!!!

    Thanks for the tag, will have a think about it!

    I am up to N now with my encyclopedia but have gotten a little stuck!

  2. Dear Justine:

    I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment on your personal blog, since you don’t know me.

    I am an American who has, for the past month or so, been making it a hobby to try and record some of the differences or variations between American English and British English. I soon learned that Australian English was incredibly interesting in it’s own right, and i soon began adding some of the uniquely Australian words and phrases to my list.

    Some I can understand, because of the context the words are used, but many are almost like a foreign language to me. I have found that I can’t just ask people, because they have no idea what words they use that an American probably wouldn’t understand. So, I’ve taken to reading and reading and reading; and making notes of the words and phrases I need help with. Then I take them back to my own blog and get some help from my readers.

    This “interest” has grown so much this month, that I really think I am going to write a book. Not just a dictionary–there are already plenty of slang dictionaries out there–but a real book with stories which USE the words I’ve found.

    I haven’t yet started reading your own archives, but I’ll bet there will be a treasure of words for me, since you’ve been writing for some time now.

    Or course, I could have simply read and then ran off, but since I myself love it when people make comments on my blog instead of just peeping in the window, I thought you might care to become acquainted with me as well; hence this comment. Of course you are also welcome to visit our little group at my own blog as well, and any input you consider useful would be appreciated, too.

    I hope you have a good day. With your permission I will stop by by from time to time to make a (much shorter!) comment.

  3. Max, you are welcome anytime! My blog be ‘personal’ but I enjoy sharing it with anyone that chooses to read and like you, encourage comments!

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