#053 | Participate in Earth Hour

Last night marked the first Earth Hour I have participated in. I found out about Sydney initiating Earth Hour last year too late to participate, so this year it’s been in my diary for months. I’m really trying to decrease my carbon footprint at home, and at work. Earth Hour might not save the world from global warming, but it is an opportunity to educate.

For me personally, that meant an opportunity to explain to my son how many things he enjoys every day use electricity. He was quite amazed and spent most of the weekend asking me what kind of ‘power’ everything he could think of used – including himself! It was then time to explain the impact that all these things have on the earth. And then to explain that Earth Hour was like the Planet’s birthday when everyone had to be kind to the planet and switch off all their things that use electricity.

Last year I spent a great deal of time explaining why we need to save water, and my son really embraces this and appreciates the reasons why its imperative he turns the tap off when brushing his teeth, or to wash himself quickly and not sit in the shower playing with toys. So to explain Earth Hour to him was just an extension of this. It is my hope that he will learn that lights are not always a necessity, and when they are, you switch them off when you leave the room. Once he gets the hang of this, showing him how to switch things off at the wall is the next step, but I am obviously more cautious about this until he understands the dangers of powerpoints.

I also plan to limit my usage of the heaters this year, having electric heating rather than gas means that it literally pains me to switch them on, so my son now understands that when he’s cold, first step is put on some more clothes!

Moreover, I hope that Earth Hour has proven to many that we need not live with such a flippant view on power usage. We all need to do what we can; switching off lights, switching off at the powerpoint, open a window instead of using a fan, grab a blanket before you turn to the heating, don’t leave your radio on to ‘ward off intruders’ when you’re out, use energy efficient lighting… heck, use candles! It works wonders for your love life!


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  1. Great post! With Earth Day approaching, we can also take that opportunity to spread some knowledge. I have recently adopted many new ideas and implemented many CO2 saving techniques in my home and work. Best of luck to you in your green journey!

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