#017 | Bake A Cake For My Son’s Birthday

So I put this one on my list because I have very fond memories of when my mum used to put the Australian Woman’s Weekly kids’ birthday cakes cookbook in front of me and say “which one would you like this year?” I’d choose and she’d create the most splendid cakes you ever did see. She will modestly tell you now that they were terrible, but photos don’t lie… so I have proof that she did an amazing job.

Every year previous to now, I have bought my son’s birthday cakes from a bakery. They were always themed – mainly superheros – but I never made them out of time pressure/laziness (and fear of them being utterly crap).

So my son chose a party pool cake this year and the results were (in my perfectionists mind) rather unremarkable. But my son, bless him, came up mid-way through the construction process and said:
“Wow! Mummy that looks exactly like the cake in the picture!”

He certainly knows exactly how to make me feel better!


We had a Easter/Birthday BBQ at our place yesterday which meant that there were a lot of adults around with a little too much beer under their belts, so later at the time of cake cutting, it all got a little lewd with two semi-naked women in an edible spa-looking paddling pool together…


Thankfully by the time this photo was taken, my son had returned to the land of Lego Star Wars on his Wii, so was none the wiser.

Play Pool Cake Recipe

2 x 340g packets buttercake mix
35cm-round prepared cake board

85g packet bubblegum flavoured jelly crystals
1/2 cup apricot jam, warmed, seived
icing sugar mixture
1 kg ready-made soft icing
purple, green, yellow, pink and blue colouring
2 toy dolls

Preheat oven to moderate; grease and line deep 22cm round cake pan.  Make cake according to directions on packet, pour into pan; bake in moderate oven for about 50 minutes.  Stand cake in pan for 5 minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool.  Using serrated knife, level cake top.

Make jelly according to packet instructions; refridgerate until almost set.

Position cake onto board, cut-side down.  Using ruler and toothpicks, mark a 19cm circle in the centre of the cake.  Using markings as a guide and a small serrated knife, cut a 2cm deep hollow from the cake.  Brush top edge and side of cake with jam.

On surface dusted with icing sugar, knead icing until smooth.  Knead purple colouring into 200g of the icing; roll 3/4 of the purple icing into a rope long enough to reach around the bottom circumference of the cake.  Enclose remaining purple icing in plastic wrap; reserve.  Position rope around cake.  Repeat with 200g batches of icing with green, yellow and pink colouring, stacking the coloured ropes up the outside of the cake.

Knead blue colouring into the remaining white icing; roll 1/2 of the icing into a rope long enough to reach around the top edge of the cake.  Flatten rope slightly with rolling pin; position on cake for top of pool.  Roll remaining blue icing into a rope long enough to reach around the circumference of the cake; position on cake above pink rope.

When jelly is almost set, stir gently to break up; spoon into hollowed section of cake.  Position dolls in pool.

On surface dusted with icing sugar, shape reserved icing into pool toys; position in and around pool just before serving.



  1. You say “lewd” like it’s a bad thing.

    I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again – you could serve the exact same cake at his 21st and it would be equally appropriate! Let me know if you find a tall, bald doll because Tim really has his heart set on having that cake for his birthday this year 😉

  2. Awesome cake!

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  4. Oh Jus the cake is fabulous!

  5. What a great cake Jussie. Well done – this talent must run in the family.
    PS – was absolutely fantastic to catch up for a quick cuddle on Saturday. Made my weekend all the more special.
    Love you both. Mum xxx

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