My Baby Turns Five

Tomorrow will be my son’s fifth birthday.

It’s really hard to imagine that it was only 5 years ago that I was cursing at my belly, screaming “get outta me!” and waddling across the road to order the hottest damn laksa my local Thai joint had ever made.

Most people today have said things like “oh, has that five years just flown by?”  It’s the same question as you get as a parent ever year on your child’s birthday… and usually the answer is “YES!  Please, someone make time stop!  I want him to be small forevvveerrrrrr!!”

Interestingly this year’s answer has been muddied a little by the complex and diametrically opposed feelings I am having.  Some moments, I cannot believe my son has just started prep at school when it seems like only weeks ago his head only just filled the palm of my hand.  Other moments, I honestly cannot remember what my life was like without this little man in my life.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love him, I feel like I have had him with me in some small way my whole life.

To me this symbolises that my little baby is not longer that – a baby.  He’s a young boy with hopes and dreams of his own, not just those I give him.

Happy Birthday Little Guy xxxxx


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  1. aww, the big 5! congrats little man!

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