#052 | Visit Phillip Island

This weekend Adam was hosting his brother’s bucks night/day/weekend and so my son and I took that as an opportunity to get the hell out of town. We took a camping/road trip to Phillip Island with my friend Karen.

Setting up a tent on your own is a pretty mean feat and Karen and I both achieved this as we each had a tent. Not that I would really call our trip a true “camping” experience, what with the auto-inflate air mattress, matching sheets and pillow-cases and my portable DVD player. Oh and there was a camp kitchen at the camp-site which meant that we even had lamb chops and vegetables for dinner and bacon and egg rolls for breakfast!

The highlight of the weekend for me was definitely the Little Penguins at the Penguin Parade. We weren’t allowed to take photos, so you’ll have to make do with these few that I found on the web to help illustrate how amazing these little guys are!

We arrived at 7pm having been told to expect the penguins at about 8pm. It was quite surreal with all these people sitting in theatre-style formation, staring out at the ocean. My son lost interest in the crashing waves after about 10 minutes, so we started a competition to see who could spot the very first penguin. At about 8.10pm, the first little group’s heads came popping out of the ocean as they swam for shore. They were followed by another group, and another and another – there were literally a hundred penguins pouring out of the sea. Each little group would wait on the beach for another group until their numbers were large enough to take on the pack of seagulls that sat on the beach watching like all the other human spectators.

And speaking of which, I kept laughing at the fact that we were all sitting here like this, just watching and waiting. I liken it to coming home from a hard day at work, turning into your driveway and then suddenly looking up and seeing a hundred pairs of eyes staring at you. Waiting for you to do something brilliant. I figure this must be the penguin equivalent to a celebrity being stalked by the paparazzi.

After a while we got up and walked along the boardwalks, peering over the edges at the penguins as they found their family and friends, called out to each other and burrowed in to feed their young.



My son was very concerned for the wellbeing of those penguins that were calling out, standing on their own. He thought they were lost and wanted to climb over the fence to help them find their friends!

We headed back to the campsite after that and collapsed into bed. But an hour or so later, we were woken by the sound of a creature that had climbed into the front of Karen’s tent… and was stealing our bread rolls! I wish I’d been awake enough to take a photo of it, sitting there tucking into a bread roll with a sense of achievement scribbled all over its face. My son scared it away because he got up to do a ‘bush wee’ and so it took off before I could reach for my camera.

This morning we got up early and headed to the beach because Karen was taking her first surfing lesson. My son and I played on the beach while she did this, with a few hundred photos for me to get through as a result.

0101 copy

0103 copy

That was, until my son was bitten by a March Fly and screamed for about 15 minutes before electing to hide under my sarong for half an hour.

0102 copy

We had such a lovely weekend, I would really like to own a little caravan in the camping park we stayed in, it would be a great holiday retreat!


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  1. i’m sort of catching up, but the pictures are amazing! it’s like ‘happy feet’ in real life! 🙂

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