Countdown to Earth Hour : March 29

18 more sleeps til Earth Hour! I can’t believe I am so excited to sit in the dark for an hour! I guess it throws me back to when I was a kid and when there was a blackout, my parents would bump around in the dark to find candles and we’d all sit there and chat as a family because there were no distractions like TV or computer games or ‘life with electricity’.

I’m going to take the hour as an opportunity to explain to my son what the impact of certain things is on the planet, he’s now getting to an age when a simplified explanation will sink in and give him good reason to switch his light off during the day. He understands why we need a bucket in the shower now “to save water for the farmers” – which is a bit of a stretch of the truth, but makes him think he’s doing a good thing for someone else, which is true.

Who out of my readers will be participating in Earth Hour? What will you be doing for it?



  1. I’m going to participate! I was planning on going for a walk during the hour but now that my knee is ‘broken’, that idea isn’t going to work. I may just end up sitting on the couch with my flashlight, reading my book and pretending that I’m camping. 🙂

  2. an awesome goal ! I’ll be doing this too ^^

  3. Yay! Thanks erin and mookxi, I am so impressed that this little idea that started in Sydney last year is going global!

  4. finally actions from human even though its just an hour, it will be a big help for the earth i hope everyone has the heart to participate and sacrifice thier one hour for our earth

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