Crossing Off

This is going to sound incredibly sad, but there is nothing quite like the feeling I have been getting as I cross off another item from my list, colour in another box and tally up how many I have left to go. I have often thought that successive small achievements have a much more lasting affect on ones outlook than one big achievement every blue moon. And from my point of view, this feeling proves it.

I’ve been on a bit of a roll recently, so to summarise:

028 | Organise a social tennis group
About eight of us are booked in for our first social tennis outing next Tuesday night. From there we’ll decide if we like the courts and whether an hour is long enough to get through two sets so everyone can play. It’s 100% social, although I know the competitive streak in some will come to the fore… but I hope that we’ll get new people wanting to join us sooner rather than later so that we can get two courts and a bit of a round robin going to keep everyone’s interest levels up!

035 | Touch my toes without bending my knees
This was by far one of my most satisfying cross offs, it’s been a decade since I can remember being able to do this, so the sense of achievement is HUGE!

041 | Send an anonymous gift or flowers
I cannot reveal anything further about this! I want to remain anonymous!

069 | Hire a cleaner
I am sooo excited about this, as it’s been about 8 months since I let go of my last cleaner and not only do I find it a massive waste of my precious time, I abhor cleaning. I had several different cleaners come and quote me for my house and ended up contracting the lovely Tracey from MyHome. Indeed, if you are considering hiring a cleaner, I would thoroughly recommend these people. They use environmentally safe products and efficient methods to clean my home. Their attention to detail is incredible. And they are flexible as well, I managed to negotiate the fee with Tracey so that I can afford a weekly clean, not just fortnightly. LUXURY!

If you are considering using MyHome, please tell me! If I refer someone I can win an ipod!

085 | Read the Four Hour Work Week
Hiring a cleaner wasn’t just about avoiding the work myself because I hate it, it’s part of my ‘outsource my life’ plan as a result of reading this inspiring book.

096 | Buy a decent BBQ
I gave in and splurged! I even assembled it all by myself last night, which impressed Adam no end! So this weekend is my ‘meet the neighbours’ BBQ which I hope I’ll get a decent turn out for given it’s a long weekend.

Peace Out.



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    You’re living an adventurous and purposeful life – I applaud you!
    Arlene Pellicane

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