C is for Chocolate

This is a meme that I will call the Dictionary of Me. It started over at Bella Dia’s blog and I found it on Cherry Blossom Adventures. Although I know I won’t be as disciplined to do one letter per day, I think it’s a great opportunity to open up to anyone reading my blog and also to help me fine tune my writing skills. I often post on here with a spare five or ten minutes, not giving much consideration to the style or composition, and it’s something I want to minimise from now on.

I encourage comments, because I find it hard to open up at the best of times, but it’s even more difficult when I don’t even know that anyone is listening. I encourage you to share back, particularly when you can identify with what I am writing. It’s nice to hear that you’re not alone!


C is for Chocolate

Chocolate is my vice, my Achilles Heel, my one true love. I have an incredible sweet tooth, so much so that I will generally select a restaurant purely on the strength of its dessert menu. If you want a list of the Top 10 best desserts in Melbourne, I am your woman.

I blame my sweet tooth on my wonderful mother. Although ‘blame’ is probably the wrong word, because I actually thank her for it! In 1977, it was customary to start your baby on solids at the tender age of four months old (which I personally am vehemently opposed to in 2008) and at that time, baby Justine was not terribly interested in stewed pear, or mashed sweet potato. But she was a huge fan of Strawberry Instant Pudding:


My mother was a little alarmed that this was all that her precious daughter would ingest (besides glorious mother’s milk, of course) and spoke to her GP about it. He told her that if that’s all I would eat, that’s what she should feed me. So that, was that.

And so it goes that the love of all things sweet resides in every fibre of my being.

But back to Chocolate. My love of chocolate is indiscriminate. As I work in marketing, in the marketplace home to Cadbury and MARS, I am well aware of the theories and thinking behind product development, advertising and demographic targeting in this category of small goods. And in saying that, I can confirm that I debunk every chocolate marketer’s theory on who they think wants, needs, consumes and loves their products.

Snickers is supposedly only consumed by blue-collar males, between the hours of 3pm and 5pm as a tie over between meals. Whatever, I had one for morning tea yesterday.

Cadbury will tell you that their 250g blocks of chocolate are for ‘family sharing’ and are pulled out during ‘family moments’. What a crock, I hide my blocks of Cadbury from my partner and child and scoff 250g in one sitting when they leave the house to walk the dog!

Freddo Frogs are apparently for children (pffft), Boost is for young men (what the?), boxed chocolates are supposedly for gifts… I don’t think a box of chocolate would be safe long enough in my house to even get wrapped let alone actually given away.

Chocolate is about as essential to me as air. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t either take a trip to the vending machine at work, sneak a Tim Tam from my secret stash at the back of the fridge, steal chocolate from a friend or sit with a tub of double chocolate icecream in front of the TV.

I don’t need cigarettes. I don’t need drugs. I actually would happily give up alcohol if I could be promised a lifetime supply of chocolate in its place.

That’s me : Chocoholic and proud.


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  1. You go girl. I suppose most “normal” mothers would apologise for passing on the dreaded sweet tooth, but not this one. Especially when you are lucky enough to be stick thin. Love ya babe – Mum xxxxx

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