Date Night #4


So this date night was Adam’s turn to choose our activities. He did exceptionally well, and managed to keep it a secret until we got to the box office at Crown Casino. We went to see Floorplay from the Burn The Floor team.

Burn the Floor combines the incredible talent of the worlds best dancers, spectacular costumes and music, a collage of dance styles including salsa, rumba, cha cha and tango all with a sexy, modern edge.

While Burn the Floor has performed to over 3 million people in 93 cities in 32 Countries around the world, the new show Burn the Floor presents Floorplay builds on the raw and sizzling soul of dancing and the physical chemistry that dance ignites.

It was great! A couple of the girls looked like blow up dolls that had power-bleached their hair, but by christ they could dance. There were three guys that were absolutely to die for and I spent the better part of the evening drooling all over them and their incredible washboard stomachs. The dancers actually came from all over the world, but I didn’t realise this until the end when they announced where each couple were from. I am happy to report that the Aussies and Kiwis were the hottest, with the exception of one German guy who I suspect was gay anyway.

Adam got to dance with one of the girls as they regularly came out into the crowd. It was a really amazing show and I could’ve watched the swing dancing part for an entire evening. So yet again, I am inspired to go and do my swing class. Just need to find a sitter for Monday nights!


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