#100 | A shelf in my laundry

It seems like such a simple task. No storage space in my laundry that sits in an alcove of the bathroom… so I should put up a shelf, right? I even got immediate approval from the landlord in September, to install said shelf. I even bought the shelf and the brackets and they sat below their new home for…. well…. 5 months.

So for those 5 months, I have been living with a laundry that looks like this:

I literally had to move that bucket on and off the top of the washing machine every time I used it, and it would either sit on the floor in the middle of the bathroom, or on the toilet which would freak my son out as it’s too heavy for him to lift and usually he’s so distracted by what he’s doing that he leaves it until the last possible millisecond to scamper to the loo. With this obstacle in the way, we’ve come dangerously close to some nasty accidents…. charming!

But with the inspiration provided by my 101 list, a new shelf discovery at IKEA and the use of my partner’s drill…. I present to you:




  1. Nice work! Now you just need some sort of collapsible laundry basket that can be stashed someplace. Actually, this is one of the reasons I’ve never gotten around to buying one myself – I just carry everything to the clothes airer.

    It’s extra incentive to keep the floors clean 😀

  2. Also, you’re either going to really love, or really hate this:


    (They’re the highest rated, among blind lesbian golden retrievers)

  3. oh yes, I LOVE that video, it did the rounds of the industry about a year or so ago and we even contemplated doing our own version…!

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