#035 | Touch my toes without bending my knees

So this particular task isn’t difficult for most people, however if you are like me and may have sustained some minor hamstring injuries in the early 90’s and then spent the better part of the next ten years in 4 inch heels, then in all likelihood, you hear (and feel) my pain.

At the beginning of this year, this is how far I could stretch towards my feet with straight legs:


And even then, that was absolutely killing me!  There were tears creeping from the corners of my eyes as I grimaced and huffed and puffed trying to hold this position long enough for the auto-timer on my camera to go off.

Since then, I have attended a studio session of pilates with a qualified physiotherapist once per week, and an additional pilates on mat session with a normal pilates instructor once per week.  The studio session is where we use the reformer machines (one looks like a torture rack) and really put me through my paces.  It is often excruciating, but we measured my ability to touch my toes at the beginning and end of each session, and each time I always made great progress.

But then it became pretty clear to me very quickly that I was sabotaging myself by slipping straight back into my 4 inch heels each day.  So I went and blew $150 on three pairs of flats and have lived in them and my havaianas ever since!

The result… today, just 8 short weeks later, I have achieved this:


This was held with ease, no pain, no grimacing, no tears or huffing or puffing. But I certainly won’t be stopping here – I now want to get my hands flat on the floor!!  I am addicted.  I love pilates so much, the results have also strengthened my core stability and toned my stomach, thighs and arms.  If I could go every day, I would be a very happy (flexible) young lady.


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  1. Wow!!! Impressive….I wrote an article on pilates once for a magazine I used to write for and really wanted to try it but never ended up going! I might have to give it a go back in Australia though when I will hopefully have more time…

    Both your website and Scarlet words are inspiring me to do the 101 things in 1001 days…especially since now I have a wedding to plan also it seems like a good way to keep focused with that also! I have a life list but seem to be dawdling a long a bit with that so thing that having a end date might help me get in gear a little. MIght have to get started on a list to start mid year or something!

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