Weekly Update #2

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week. Had a relationship crisis, worked my wee butt off in my 9-5 job, sorted out the relationship crisis and still attempted to continue ploughing through my 101 List.

No new ‘completed’ tasks this week, but plenty of progress on some of the others.

007 | Have ‘family dinner’ three times a week (6/423)
I haven’t been as regular with this as I would like, but we’re trying!

008 | Speak to my mum once a week, minimum (2/141)
I think I might be cheating here as I have counted the two times I have called my mum and left a message. Mum’s been very busy so hasn’t been able to call me back, but I am sure we’ve spoken at least once…. right mum?

009 | Ring my father once a month, minimum (1/33)
Well, actually, I saw him in the flesh at the beginning of January, so to me, that counts for about 10 phone calls.

023 | “Date night” with my partner once a fortnight (1/70)
We had our first date night on Tuesday!

025 | Pilates twice a week (1 x studio and 1 x mat) until I fall pregnant
I am back at Pilates twice a week and by gosh, do I feel it after the holiday break. Plenty of work to do and my instructor is completely on board with my goal of being able to touch my toes without bending my knees!! (Hence : 035 | Touch my toes without bending my knees)

030 | Write a list of 101 Things that make me happy

039 | Be a better friend (call 3 friends for chat a week 8/423)

063 | Save a deposit for a house
Progress total is now $12,356.63

085 | Complete 100_snapshots (4/100)

086 | Develop a GTM strategy on Pooch Pics and then execute it
I think my threats to my partner (in life and in this business project) have finally worked.  I am not holding my breath yet, but the plan is to have this up and running by the end of this month.


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