Date Night #1

So my first date night was on Tuesday. I’ve diarised it with my partner (he is notoriously disorganised and leaves everything until the last possible moment) and we’ve agreed that we will take it in turns to determine the activities for each date night… so essentially we have to construct one fabulous date night per month, each.

I was first (I need to set the tone, after all!) and for our first date night I was prepared well in advance – I bought us tickets to the Australian Shakespeare Company production of Romeo & Juliet in the Royal Botanical Gardens. I packet up a rug, cheeses, dips, biscuits, olives, crisps, 2002 Shiraz, plastic wine glasses, aeroguard, nuts, tim tams and white chocolate and picked up my beloved and drove him to the gardens. We had a fantastic spot and dug into our food while we chatted about our days and deliberated over whether one of the actors (who was walking around warming up the crowd) was related to a friend of ours…..


The production was very very funny, it was weird hearing Shakespeare with an Aussie accent, and the director had a lot of fun with the scene where Romeo & Juliet meet at the party held at the Capulet residence. There was singing, dancing, choreographed chorus routines, lines added that would probably make Shakespeare roll over in his grave, such as “Can I have my pants please?” and the best part of all was the sparkly-shirt, sunglass-wearing, quick-witted, record-spinning Mercutio played by Adrian Dart… he completely upstaged everyone and I found myself to be just a little bit in love with him by the end of the first act.

Unfortunately the atrocious acting of the girl that played Juliet meant that the scenes when I would usually find myself sobbing, I found myself sticking my fingers in my ears instead. I am convinced she had no idea what she was saying about 85% of the time. Her performance was unconvincing, monotonous, lacking in any sort of passion – it was BEIGE. Let’s just say it was a relief when Juliet finally topped herself.

But even though she may have ruined the balcony scene and tortured me to the point where I wanted to grab the dagger and do her in myself, we still had a wonderful night together and a perfectly fabulous first date night.


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