Benji Brightens My Life

I take pleasure in the simple things in life. Good food. Good company. Great Shoes.

My shoe collection is somewhat out of control at the moment… ok so it’s always been that way. At one stage in my life I had 65 pairs of shoes including thongs and slippers. It’s not quite that bad these days, I have given a fair few away. My house has these great in-built shoe shelves in my wardrobes, however there simply is not enough shelfspace to hold all my shoes adequately. Well, that is my excuse for leaving my shoes in a state of disarray:


Then for Christmas, my mum bestowed upon me the greatest gift of all time for a woman in my position. It’s called a BENJIBOX and it’s sheer joy to women all over the world that wish for an easier way to keep their foot-fashion in order.

The result is …. well, that I now want more of these fabulous creations.



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  1. Wow don’t they look great. I’m off now to order some for Katie for her birthday as her shoe wardrobe is almost as bad as yours. I’ll be able to buy these for your gifts for a while to catch up on all your shoes. Love ya honey – Mum. xx

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