Hilary Clinton : PMS or Passion?

An exhausted Hillary Clinton fought back tears and her voice broke with emotion, as the strain of her damaged White House bid welled up and cracked her steely public face. In one of the few moments in her years on the political stage that her inner feelings have been exposed, Clinton, eyes moist and reddened, was asked by Marianne Pernold, 64, how she managed to keep on going every day.

You can see the vision and the full story on ninemsn.

In the past, many a joke has been slung about women’s aptitude or ability to lead a country.  Snide remarks about a female leader “bombing her enemies once a month” have been tempered with more positive and glib comebacks about females being more suited to “clean up” the state of a nation.

What is your view about Hilary’s very public break in her cool and calm exterior? Will it work in her favour or provide more fuel for her opposition? Does it make her seem volatile, or compassionate? Does it come over as PMS or passion?

I personally think that Obama, Clinton or anyone else running in this race will do a remarkably better job than George W.  Heck, a trained monkey could.


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  1. Seems here is my answer!

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