Weekly Update #1

We are back from our christmas and new year holiday and back to work/life/reality.  It’s not quite hit me yet.  In terms of my 101 Things, I have made a great deal of progress!

001 | Write my mum a gratitude letter
This was so easy to do, afterall I have so much I wanted to thank her for, but it’s so simple to get swept up in the pace of ‘life’ and not do these things.  It was really rewarding for me to write and even more rewarding to see how happy it made my mum.

015 | Take my son camping (in a tent)
Could not have picked a better place to do this than Seal Rocks – my son loved every minute of it and slept like a baby on the hard ground.  He’s definitely made to bush bash.

062 | Write a budget & stick to it
This is half completed in that I have written the budget on a very complicated Excel spreadsheet which will now allow me to track what I spent each day in a bid to stay on top of my spending and stick to the budget.  I have also bought myself a 2008 pocket diary in which I am writing down every single cent I spend – which I then use to update my spreadsheet once a week.  I have done this once before with great success, so I am hopeful that it will see me through to achieving this target as well as my other financial goals on my 101 list.

In Progress
007 | Have ‘family dinner’ three times a week (3/423)
My son loves it when we turn off the TV and all sit down together to eat.  It’s easy to shove him in front of the box so I can get other things done, but he gets so much from this interaction that we’re making a conscious effort to increase how much we do it.  It also benefits my partner and I who sometimes eat separately to one another as well!

021 | Fly a kite with my son
We have the kite!  Now for a windy day!

023 | “Date night” with my partner once a fortnight (0/70)
I have diarised this in both our diaries and we’ve agree to swap turns in organising date night.  I am doing the first one which will be January 15th – a performance of Romeo and Juliet in the Botanical Gardens.

025 | Pilates twice a week (1 x studio and 1 x mat) until I fall pregnant
Had already started this last year, but calling them today to lock myself back in!

030 | Write a list of 101 Things that make me happy

035 | Touch my toes without bending my knees
See #025

039 | Be a better friend (call 3 friends for chat a week 3/423)
I find it all too easy to rely on SMS or email these days – and this has already been really rewarding making the effort to call!

058 | See thirty films from this list (1/30)
Finally watched Silence of the Lambs

061 | Choose 5 things from Future Makers that I can stick to over the full 1001 days

063 | Save a deposit for a house
Balance stands at $11,956.63

076 | Read the rest of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Half way through!

079 | Watch every episode of Six Feet Under
Into Season Two now.

084 | Read Co-Active Coaching

085 | Complete 100_snapshots (0/100)
I have taken some of these, but need to download, tinker and then upload them here.

086 | Develop a GTM strategy on Pooch Pics and then execute it
Stay tuned!!


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