#015 | Take my son camping (in a tent)

We did this on January 2nd, we left my mum’s and headed for Seal Rocks – which is a little coastal town reknowned more for what it doesn’t have than what it does have. I first went here when I was a teenager and it was even more untouched then, but I was so happy to see it’s remained relatively true to it’s surfing-culture roots and not really invited any commercial development in.And camp in a tent we did :


We also enjoyed the incredible beaches of Seal Rocks and Trechery Beach:


And we went bush walking – which is kind of a prerequisite to get to some of these beaches!

My son loved it – wanted to stay in our “cubby house” every night. I personally was happy to leave as the lack of bathroom facilities left me dry retching at the stench of myself and I had one of my most uncomfortable sleeps ever. I am off to see the chiropractor tonight as a result of this little camping expedition!

I’m glad I did it though, and we will do it again, just with a blow up mattress next time.



  1. Look at those monkeys

  2. aren’t they adorable?

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