#061 | The Future Is Manmade

So as it’s December 31st, the day before I kick this whole thing off, I need to select the five things from Future Makers that I am going to stick to for 1001 Days. Being specific about my goals in this regard is going to make it so much easier to stick to. So here goes:

Install and continue to use Energy Efficient Lighting
As my entire house is made up of incandescent spotlights, for which there is no energy saving solution, I have purchased floor or table lamps for all the major rooms in the house outside of the kitchen and bathroom.  These lamps are all installed with energy efficient light globes and are the only source of lighting used in these rooms at any time.

Calculate and Offset my Carbon Footprint
This is a bit lazy on my part, but it’s more than most people do, so I feel ok about doing this as it fits well with my busy lifestyle.

Get Off Standby
The TV/Entertainment unit gets switched off every night after use and is only ever switched on the following evening when Biggest Loser starts (ha!), the lamps besides the beds and mobile chargers are all switched off at the point when not in use.  My son’s computer is switched off at the wall when not in use.  The toaster, kettle and fans/heating are all switched off at the wall unless in use.  The only points that stay on are the microwave, oven, fridge, modem, my computer and the portable phone charger.  Even my electric toothbrush is only set to charge once a week.

Ride To Work
One of my goals is to buy a bike to ride with my son, so I am going to expand on this and say that I will commit to riding to work (and back) once per week from the time I buy the bike.

Reuse Paper for Kids Craft
This is underway and in progress.


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